Mobile Device Management

Clients rely on us to help them plan mobility strategy. We sit down with them to learn about their business needs and then propose MDM options that address the agreed upon requirements, including time frames, budgets, and information security policies. As a vendor-neutral service provider, you can be sure that our recommendations are impartial and are rooted in industry-standard best practices. And we strive to specify solutions that don’t just meet your organizations needs today, but scale for future growth and are well positioned to take advantage of future technological advancements on the horizon.

Mobile Device Management Acquisition

Leveraging our industry knowledge enables your organization to maximize your project budget by getting the best volume pricing on software and taking advantage of any currently available special vendor programs for deployments.

Mobile Device Management Deployment

Our consultants have been trained in the latest best practices for mobile device management deployments. Our team has delivered projects of various sizes, from device rollouts to group implementations requiring customized configuration and individual setup services. We can work with clients to coordinate server-managed, multi-site, distributed implementations.

Continuous MDM Control

Another benefit of using managed mobility services is the continuous maintenance, monitoring, and remote administration of the implemented MDM program. We utilize the software tools enabling devices to be remotely updated, locked or wiped to prevent the loss of sensitive data, and to help clients enforce their organization’s data policies. Regardless of the platform, we can custom tailor an MDM solution to a client’s needs, whether that means just setting up the tools required for clients to manage devices internally, or it means complete, turn-key admin, including user set-up and management, pushing software updates, enforcing policy, or conducting audits.