Single Sign-On Solutions

Enterprise Single Sign-On can help your organization improve security and productivity. Enterprise single sign on (SSO) is just one of the many identity authentication and identity management solutions we provide. Enterprise SSO is an IT configuration that gives users access to a multitude of computer software applications without needing to key in usernames and passwords for each and every one. The benefits of enterprise SSO should be clear to anyone who has had to juggle a large number of username and password combinations. Not only is there a limit to the number of log-in credentials users are capable of remembering, but the amount of time that is wasted by logging into many different applications throughout the course of a day is time that could be spent doing something far more productive.

When it comes to enterprise SSO, we have experience in all facets of consulting, implementation, and training, and over the years we have built a reputation as a reliable and cost-effective consulting partner to small and medium-sized businesses. We can deliver a number of tangible benefits no matter what your organization looks like. These include:

  • Centralized user account and password management that helps minimize lapses in security across multiple, interrelated platforms
  • Solutions that can be customized to include enterprise single sign-on, web single sign-on, general web access control, role based authentication, network access manager technology, biometrics, or whatever suits your present needs
  • A reduction in IT help desk costs associated with password reset requests and other time-consuming tasks