Fully Managed IT Services

Are you running a business and looking for ways to be more profitable and efficient while increasing data security, ensuring continuous uptime, and exceeding customer expectations? All this can be accomplished with the right managed IT services. Your search for “managed IT service providers near me” stops here at Promising Solutions.

What We Offer

Promising Solutions understands that businesses want their IT to work. That is the bottom line. When data is breached, connections are down or systems are slow, you are not offering the value your team and your clients deserve. We can change that. Promising Solutions empowers businesses with greater agility, security, and resilience. Whether you need to manage a single element or need an end-to-end fully managed service, our team has the expertise, experience, and technology to make that happen.

We offer fully managed IT, cloud backups, managed cloud services and managed security services. We also offer a helpdesk to support your existing team, to be your outsourced team or to analyze your in-house support services.

Being your choice when you search for “managed IT service providers near me” means more to us than simply providing services. We create a roadmap tailored to your business objectives and ensure that your IT is aligned towards achieving success. Through our IT managed services, we take away the headache of everyday management so you can focus on what your business does best.

Saving You Time and Money

Our fully managed IT services provide businesses with cost savings over traditional in-house models by allowing them to outsource their IT needs. This means that instead of having to purchase and maintain expensive hardware or software, businesses can rely on experienced professionals who already have the expertise, knowledge, and technology to keep their systems secure and up to date.

Due to this increased efficiency, staff members can focus on core business processes instead of managing the day-to-day operations associated with IT solutions. This leads to greater productivity as well as fewer distractions that would otherwise take away employees’ time and energy. Additionally, we offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality – meaning your business will save both time and money from the start.

Increased Data Security

Managed IT services ensure that businesses get the most out of their technology by providing 24/7 monitoring, management, and maintenance of their systems. This gives them the added security they need to protect their data from external threats like hackers and viruses, as well as internal mistakes such as human error.

The constant, proactive monitoring of managed service providers gives businesses peace of mind, knowing that any threats to their systems or data are dealt with immediately before they become major issues.

Our managed security services serve as an invaluable extension of your in-house security team. We offer comprehensive, turnkey solutions for all your complex information security needs. By combining and correlating log activity, our services help eliminate blind spots and provide you with clear visibility of any potential threats. From proactively analyzing where issues can arise to 24/7 monitoring using the best tech in the market, your data and systems are constantly protected. We guarantee it. 

Looking for a Managed It Service Provider Near Me? We Service the Following Areas

When you partner with us, you get the right people to manage your IT without any of the time, cost and hassle associated with managing it yourself. This is why we are the company of choice when business owners look for “managed IT service providers near me.” We’re here when you need us.

We are pleased to service all zip codes in a 35-mile radius from Glendale. This includes Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, Encino, Century City, Koreatown, Woodland Hills, North Hollywood, Hollywood, Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys and the County of Los Angeles.

Areas Served:

We offer managed IT services for small and mid-sized businesses in the following cities and neighborhoods in California.

Cities & Neighborhoods:

Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, Encino, Century City, Los Angeles, Downtown, Koreatown, Woodland Hills, North Hollywood, Hollywood, Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys


Los Angeles

Zip Codes:

All zip codes in 35 miles from Glendale